Can I watch the content on Manisha Digital Theatre offline?

No, you cannot watch movies when you are offline.


How do I sign up to Manisha Digital Theatre?

You can now sign up to Manisha Digital Theatre using a contact number. To complete sign up, enter your contact number and sign up post entering the OTP you will receive.


Does all the content on Manisha Digital Theatre have subtitles?

We are also working on adding subtitles to the content.


I can watch using the mobile data, but not with my WiFi..?

This situation could occur if the site you are trying to access is somehow blocked by your internet provider.

However, try rebooting your router once, and in case it still doesn't help, please contact your ISP.


I am not getting the OTP for logging in.?

There might be times when there would be a delay in receiving the OTP.

This normally happens due to the network issues of the telecom service being used.


How do I reset my password if I have forgotten it?

You need to be logged out for resetting the password.

Click on Login with email.

Click on “password reset”

Enter your subscribed